What a year!

What a year!
I mean, that could be 2019, but I’m actually talking about 2020. What a year 2020 will be for us! And then I have to mention what a year 2019 was for us, of course. After all, that’s where it all began. The LJ Rivers partnership.

I really suck at blog-post openings.

Let’s start over.

What a year it was!
In June, L asked me: “Crazy thought … just throwing it out there. Wanna co-write a series with me?”
At the time, I was working on rewriting a crime novel according to feedback from the editor at a Norwegian publishing house, hoping to land a contract. In my Scrivener project folder were also five other projects, all works in progress. Did I need another project in my hectic writing life? Absolutely not!
So, of course I said yes!
I’ve never been known for my time-management.

L continued: “Here’s what I’ve thought so far. Female protagonist, a series where every book tells its own, free-standing story, but with an overall main storyline for the whole series.”

This led to a few summer weeks of the most amazing back and forth, brainstorming, idea-juggling and plotting I could ever imagine. We had created the platform for Ruby Morgan, given her an exciting bloodline and laid the foundation for what we now proudly can call the “Ruby Morgan Series”.
And the reason why I started with “What a year!”

Because it applies even more to 2020 than 2019, since we launch the series on Friday the 3rd of January with the release of Essence of Magic – Ruby Morgan Series: Book 1. (Click here to go to Essence of Magic on the UK version of Amazon, for our European readers.)

Wow, just writing it makes me smile.

Then, just a month later, on February 3rd, we release the second book, Sentries of Camelot. (UK/European site here).

We will release a new book on the third of every month this year, nine of which will be the main series about Ruby. In April, we tell the companion (or prequel) story about her father, Dennis Rivers (from whom we adopted our pen name, incidentally), in Harvester Academy.

So, as this was meant to be the first blog-post from us, I asked L if she wanted me to add anything from her (we’re chatting on FB on this Wednesday night, the first in 2020)
She said “Nah, you’ve covered it perfectly.”

But, as she’s not known for being silent, five seconds later she said:
“But if I’m going to chime in, I’d say that this is my first co-writing adventure, and I was initially a little hesitant about it. When I first had the idea, however, there was no one else I could think of that I’d rather do this with. J and I, we just work, and our books are stronger for it. I really can’t wait for 2020 to unfold!”

So, there it is. Welcome to the world of Ruby Morgan, and to the LJ Rivers blog 😉

Let 2020 unfold!