Essence of Magic, Ruby Morgan Book 1

What would you pay for a taste of magic?

My name is Ruby Guinevere Morgan. I’m half Fay, with healing powers and the ability to throw the occasional force field.

When I left my home town to study journalism, I made a promise to my mum to stay hidden from the Harvesters hunting for magical blood–like mine. My first week at university, and I’m already about to break my promise.

See, I tend to poke my nose into places where it doesn’t belong, and I can’t look away when the disappearance of a girl on campus is connected to the hottest drug on the market, MagX. The same drug that killed my dad.
My search for answers drags my new friends into the fray. And someone–or something–is watching me from the shadows.

Blood is about to be spilt and it might very well be mine.

Sentries of Camelot, Ruby Morgan Book 2

No place is safe from the Harvesters out for my blood

When a police officer suspects foul play in the force, and asks me to help him, I have every reason in the world to say no.

My studies are piling up, Harvesters are on my tail, and my guardian shadow is still lurking about. And the icing on the cake: my powers are taking on a life of their own.

I’m not nosy for nothing, however, so of course I’ll add shady detective work to my list of worries, taking the plunge into the terrifying unknown of the sentries of Camelot.

This may be my worst decision ever.

Virtues of Purity, Ruby Morgan Book 3

What’s the going rate for a 19-year old Fay at a blood auction?

I was supposed to charge my batteries back home for Christmas vacation. Delusional, I know. Out of nowhere, an Avalonian knight shows up on our doorstep to warn us about a dangerous fugitive they believe is after Mum. Something to do with her pure Morgana blood. Needless to say that any kind of relaxation went down the drain after that.

In the middle of it all, my best friend, Charlie, uncovers an underground market for PureX—a drug made from pure blooded Magicals. We can’t leave well enough alone, so of course we decide to dig deeper. What we find makes even my Magical blood freeze.

I’m about to discover how much my blood is worth, and the price of that knowledge might be more than I can handle.

Harvester Academy, A Ruby Morgan Prequel

Once you are in, you are not allowed to leave.

My name is Dennis Rivers. Two years ago, my dad was killed by a Magical.

To avenge him, I decide to become a Harvester—like he was. It’s not like I can fill out an application, however, as the Harvester Academy isn’t even supposed to exist. 

I’m not about to let that stop me. I’m a street smart Liverpool lad, and when I capture a Mag right under the nose of a Harvester crew, I manage to get myself recruited anyway.

I wasn’t prepared for the ramifications of my choice. To become a Harvester recruit, I have to leave everything—and everyone—behind, including my mum and my girlfriend. There is no room for personal attachment anymore.

There is only the Academy.

Tears of Pestilence, Ruby Morgan Book 4

When tears turn scarlet, it’s only a matter of time.

My life is spinning out of control, and nothing is as I believed. While I am proud of Mum for what she is doing—creating a haven for injured and hunted Mags—I can’t face her, her secrets or her lies.
Instead, I bury myself in studies, writing for The Whisper, working at the cinema and adapting to my new relationship with Brendan.

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous for anyone with magic in their veins. So, when an epidemic threatens the whole Magical population, what can I say, all hell is about to break loose.

Knights of Avalon, Ruby Morgan Book 5

I never knew real darkness before now

My life has slowed down after the crazy events of last winter. I’ve taken some time away from Mum, my boyfriend, and Gabriel. I can’t believe I actually survived my first year at uni.

Just when I let my guard down, however, Duncan gets in trouble with a local crime lord. His life is at stake, and so, naturally, I place myself in the line of fire.

To top it all, ancient enemies lurk in the shadows. The only way I can defeat them is to surrender myself to the dark.

Is there still light where darkness consumes all?

Scream of death: A Ruby Morgan Novelette

My name is Ilyana Makarova. I am a Banshee. And this is the story about how I lost everything I ever loved.

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